Powering mobility services

Our full-service platform gives you the technology & workforce you
need to expand your business

Wow your customers

Give your customers a magical
customer service experience

Increase revenue

Remove the friction of picking up &
dropping off cars

Reduce costs

Cut down on the expense & hassle associated
with hiring your own employees & managing
tasks manually

We can help you

Move your cars

If you have a car that needs to get from one location to another, we’ve got you covered

We’ll pick it up from your lot, a customer, or wherever it is & drop it off at your desired location

Store your cars

Not enough lot space? We can store your cars in our lots for an hour or a month

And we can drive them to & from the storage location so you don’t have to lift a finger

Service your cars

Does a car need a wash, re-fuel, oil-change or other service? No problem

We’ll pick it up, take it to get serviced and drop it off wherever you want

Find out how your dealership or fleet business can specifically benefit from ZIRX

Easy-to-use technology

Dispatch jobs, notify customers & monitor results with real-time tracking

Meet your flexible workforce

Get access to a large pool of qualified, insured agents ready to work for you on a job-by-job basis, lowering your operational costs

For more advanced jobs, we offer custom certification to suit your requirements 

Available nation-wide

We're currently live in 9 cities & can launch a new city within 3 weeks.

Try it yourself